New Only in Thermal ( Hydra-Pen Session ) for Nourishing , Tightening with Hyaluronic Acid , Caviar and Niancinamide for Rejuvenation and Lightening Before Eid

Session Of Hair Straighting Treatment with Triple effect ( Excellent straighting+Moisturize + Restore Hair Fibers )

Flash Flawless Session for remove dark circles and Tighten under eyes area and remove fine lines

Omega-3 Rich Protein for Nourishing and Fortifying and Anti Puff and Detangler

Eid Aladha Package ( Amazing Package ) save 81% with ( Special Moroccan Bath + Hydra-Aqua Facial cleansing + Blow Dry + Session for herbal tratment foe hair & scalp ) Be shine & glow before Eid

Hair Rensaage + Blow Dry Free Gift

Aragan Moisturizing and nourishing and Multivitamin for soften and shine hair

Garlic & Milk Ultra Moisturizing Session and Multivitamin for hair nutrition and hydration and shine

Hair & Scalp tratment session for reducing oils and fats and sweating with Herbal ingredients

Pumpkin Peel + Omega-3 Marine Mask Or Vital C+O2 Peel + Strawberry Mask Or Aestrogen Peel + Organic Lavender Mask — 2nd session with half 1/2 Price

Botophase Session , Natural Alternative Botox 66% from Botox Session , No Pain No Needle — with 3 session Get 1 Free

Facial Cleansing Session to clean impurities , disinfect & sterilixe the Skin + Herbal Serum for Skin Nutrition for Free + Hair Mask as Free Gift

Deep Facial Cleansing with Hydra Aqua Device to remove Black&white heads and impurities + C+E Rejuvenation Mask Free + Hair Mask Free

Superior Facial Cleansing with Hydrafacial Pro Device , Remove Black & white Heads + stimulate Collagen + skin Rejuvenation + C+E Mask for Whitening and Hair Mask as Free Gift

Hydrolized Collagen Session Or Thermal Super Whitening Session for Rejuvenation & Whitening — with 3 Session Get 1 Free

Special Moroccan Bath with Moroccan Soap + Olive Oil Or Blue Nila for Whitening + Hair or Skin Mask Free Gift

Excellent Moroccan Bath with Moroccan Soap & Olive Oil + Vitamin C Or Spanish Lemon Scrub + Hair Or Skin Mask free Gift

Body Detox Session with Herbal Scrub & Detox Mask + 20 min Sauna&Thermal Steam + 10 min Massage with Collagen Oil + Hair Mask as Free Gift

Sudaneese Delka session with Coffee Scrub + Collagen Oil with Thermal Jasmine Oil + Hair Mask for Free

Caviar Rejuvenation session with Lipo-Protin for Hydration dry and Tired skin , Nourish fill the fine line and around eyes 2nd session with half 1/2 Price

Cell Regeneration Session to Rejuvenate & Tighten the Skin (Thermal Cobra-Active) and get 2nd session with Half1/2 Price

Stop Hair Loss & Regrowth Hair Session with Stem Cells (TGF), Get 1 Free with 3 Session

Key-Bond Plex Session , to Revive and Shine Hair + cut ends & Blow Dry for Free — with 3 Session get 1 Free

Tuft Hair Color , Ammonia Free %0 with Hair mask for Hydration for Free

Safe Bleaching Color , Ammonia Free %0 with Hair Mask for Hydration For Free

Thermal Hair Color Free Ammonia %0

Cromakey inn Hair Color with Oils & Multivitamins to Shine and Revive Hair

Hair Detox session , Deep cleansing & sterilize scalp with preparing scalp for re-growth— with every 3 session get 1 Free

Thermal Mud treatment session , treat Dandruff , Fats and Oils + support Re-growth — with every 3 session get one 1 Free

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